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E3 Live Superfood Supplements

E3 Live SupplementsFeaturing the E3Live Superfood Supplements!

E3Live at Klamath Lake - harvesting the most vital wild-grown superfood on the planet. E3Live has been offering natural organic health products since 1991.

The main product is the E3Live Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) from Klamath Lake. They also make very high quality supplements such as enzymes, probiotics, natural Vitamin C from the Camu berry, and more!

E3Live is the only Klamath AFA that is raw, live, liquid and delivered to you closest to its natural state. E3Live is a non-GMO heirloom variety that is selectively gathered by our expert harvesters, and collected from only the deepest, most pristine waters of Upper Klamath Lake.

E3Live us harvested only at peak times of optimal growth, when the AFA is the heartiest, healthiest and most vibrant. Harvesting AFA is an art and a science. We discovered that the strongest and freshest AFA possesses the highest life-force.

Blue Majik by E3Live
E3Live AFA Klamath Algae
E3Live Digestive Enzymes Supreme
Price: $35.00
Sale: $28.00
Price: $24.95
Sale: $19.95
Price: $25.00
Sale: $20.00
E3Live Probiotics
E3 Camu Camu Berry
E3 Renew Me! Superfood
Price: $50.00
Sale: $40.00
Price: $30.00
Sale: $23.00
Price: $15.00
Sale: $12.95
E3Live BrainOn, Dry
Price: $35.00
Sale: $28.00
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