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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Raw Diet Health Shop!

I offer high quality kitchen appliances, superfoods, and supplements to support your journey to better health.

This store is owned and operated by Mike Snyder, raw foods author and chef. Mike is the author of the popular raw gourmet recipe books "Rawesomely Vegan" and "The Everything Raw Foods Recipe Book."

I am happy to help you select the best kitchen appliances and supplements / superfoods. Feel free to call or email me at any time.

New Updates for July 2024, Welcome to summer!

Here are some new product updates in the raw vegan world that will help you beat the summer heat while achieving great health this year!

We have the MAGNETOE Red Light Device in stock. It has a deep Red 660nm and 850nm Wavelength light. Red light therapy devices are becoming more popular and are now available for professional and home use. Red light therapy is a safe and easy treatment to use. Red light therapy uses very low levels of heat and doesn't hurt or burn the skin.

Red light therapy uses photobiomodulation, which is a low-level laser therapy that delivers red and near-infrared light to areas of your body. In doing this, it helps regenerate (or grow back) cells, restore cell function and trigger blood flow. In turn, this helps to heal and relieve pain.

We just received a new shipment of the Super Angel Juicers! These stainless steel juicers make a high quality juice and are easy to work with.

We have the brand new Kefir Soda Starter Culture available from Cutting Edge Cultures! Our newest product, Kefir Soda Starter, is now ready to ship. This is a fun starter culture, containing beneficial bacteria strains and yeasts to help our customers make a bubbly and healthy replacement for soda! The strains and yeasts metabolize the natural sugar found in fruit juice or coconut water, resulting in a vegan effervescent drink that is loaded with probiotics. This is the same format as our other starters with 4 sachets plus instructional insert per pouch. This product produces strong carbonation (fizz), so you will need to use thick flip-top bottles made for brewing.

We have the Vitalizer Plus hexagonal water machine with mineral cubes. This is a great machine than transforms drinking water into structured, oxygenated and mineralized water. In Stock with free shipping!

We received a new shipment of the Samap French Manual Stone Grain Mills. This mill will grind various size grains - including millet, maize / corn, rice, wheat, rye, oats, buckwheat, and barley. It grinds all sorts of dry, hard grains. You will want to avoid grinding oily grains because it will cake on the stone.

We now have the TSM Stainless Steel Gas Burner and outdoor patio stove in stock. This is a great item for slow cooking your favorite foods.

The Polish Boleslawiec Sauerkraut Fermenting Crock Pots are back in stock with free same-day shipping! We have them available in the following sizes: 5, 10, 15, and 20 Liter

The Mehu-Liisa 11 Liter Steam Juicer is back in stock after a long absence! The Finnish-made Mehu-Liisa juicer uses a gentle steam process to extract pure natural juices from fruit, without the need to peel, core or de-stem.

We have the new Yogurt Plus Starter Culture by Cutting Edge Cultures. It contains a blend of five beneficial strains, including L reuteri. There are 4 sachets per pouch. Each sachet makes 1 1/4 quarts of yogurt, which can then be re-cultured up to 7 times.

We carry the new LR Superfood Starter by Cutting Edge Cultures. LR Superfood Starter provides a high concentration of the exceptional microorganism, Lactobacillus reuteri (hence 'LR'). The benefits of this strain are heavily promoted in Super Gut. LR Superfood is used to make cultured dairy, containing beneficial bacteria that impart significantly higher levels of probiotics compared to conventional yogurts.

The Miracle Exclusives Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Model ME81 is back in stock! This is one of the best rice cookers on the market. It holds 8 cups dry / 12 cups of cooked rice. It has a clear glass lid, auto shut-off, and auto keep-warm.

The Samson Silent Dehydrators are back in stock! These are our favorite dehydrators. They work great, have a quiet fan, and are half the price of Excalibur & Tribest!

We have the TSM Sausage Maker Stainless Steel Food Dehydrators in stock! These are high quality dehydrators made in Buffalo, NY and do an excellent job. They can be used in the home and business.

We have new sauerkraut crock pots with stone weights. The K&K German Gairtopf Fermentation crocks are my favorite. I also love the Nik Schmitt German Crocks, formerly called the Harsch Crocks. We are out of stock on the K&K 5 Liter Form 2, and the 7 Liter Form 2. We have all other sizes and brands in stock..

We have the new AlkaViva Melody II Water Ionizer in stock! This is the updated version of the Venus and Melody I ionizers. The Venus and Melody I have been discontinued.

We have the new Samson Super Juicer Stainless Steel Commercial Grade Wheatgrass Juicer Model 08-5000 in stock.

We carry high quality raw food supplements and superfoods, including the Cutting Edge Easy Kefir Starter and the Cutting Edge Prebio.

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Everything listed is available to order and I am adding new products daily. I will ship most items internationally. Feel free to call me at 503-771-3904 to order or ask questions, or give me an email. My store is hosted by Turbify powered by Infinite, formerly Verizon Small Business / Yahoo Small Business.

To your great health,

Mike Snyder 503-771-3904 Address: 4705 SE Milwaukie Pl, Oregon 97222

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